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Welcome to the JBPHH Drinking Water Monitoring information page. Here you can find up-to-date information regarding the ongoing quality of the Navy's drinking water system. All results from water sampling that has occurred throughout the system are posted to each zone's page once it has been reviewed by the Hawaii Department of Health.

MapSystem Map and Zones
This map of the JBPHH water system zones allows you to click on a zone to view flushing, sampling, and long-term monitoring data. Each zone page is updated as validated data becomes available.

Interactive Map   View Interactive Drinking Water Results Map

System Map   View Water System Zone Map

PDFExtended Drinking Water Monitoring Plan

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TermsPublic Notices
Documents released to the public to provide information on the fuel release and ongoing response efforts.
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PDFHow to Access Sampling Results

TermsComplaint Log for May
Total Calls: 15
Calls with Water Quality Questions: 15
Water Testing Requested: 12
Water Testing Completed: 11
RRT TPH Detections: 0
Total Concerns Addressed: 15
PDFMay 2024

For more information, please visit https://www.cpf.navy.mil/JBPHH-Water-Updates. If residents have concerns about the quality of their water, on-call Rapid Response Teams (RRT) are available to collect drinking water samples to test for the presence of total petroleum hydrocarbons. Residents can call the Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam emergency operations center (EOC), which will dispatch the RRT to investigate. The EOC can be reached 24/7 at (808) 449-1979, or (808) 448-3262/2557/2570/2583.
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