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Welcome to the JBPHH Red Hill Environmental information page. Here you can find up-to-date information regarding the Navy's ongoing efforts to remediate, recover, and protect the environment surrounding Red Hill. All results from sampling that has occurred in the area are posted for public reference.

MapGroundwater Results Map
Groundwater results are from monitoring locations surrounding the Red Hill Bulk Fuel Facility. These results monitor contaminants in the ground related to past releases at Red Hill and are not connected to the drinking water distribution system.

Interactive Map   View Interactive Groundwater Results Map

CalendarEnvironmental Remediation Action Schedule
This updated schedule shows the Navy's current efforts to remediate and recover the environment around Red Hill.

Schedule   View the Red Hill Remediation Actions Schedule

PDFView the Red Hill Shaft Recovery and Monitoring Plan

Groundwater Data
The Navy conducts weekly sampling at various groundwater monitoring locations around Red Hill. This data is submitted weekly to the regulators in accordance with current requirements and is shared here for public reference.

LinkView NOI Data
LinkView Groundwater Monitoring Data
LinkView P-Wells and S-Wells Data
LinkPFAS Data

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