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Groundwater Data
The Navy conducts weekly sampling at various groundwater monitoring locations around Red Hill. This data is submitted weekly to the regulators in accordance with current requirements and is shared here for public reference.

Groundwater Sampling Programs
Notice of Interest (NOI) Sampling
In response to the November 20, 2021 release at the Red Hill Fuel Storage Facility the Navy was given a Notice of Interest (NOI) by the Hawaii Department of Health (DOH). Under the NOI the Navy collects weekly groundwater samples from the Red Hill Shaft and existing monitoring well locations. These documents are submitted to the regulators for review.
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Groundwater Monitoring Well Sampling
In response to the 2014 fuel release to the environment that occurred during the re-filling of Red Hill Fuel Tank 5 the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Hawaii DOH entered into an Administrative Order on Consent (AOC) with the Navy. Under the AOC the Navy submitted quarterly reports on sampling of the soil and groundwater around Red Hill. In addition, to verify no contamination had spread to the drinking water source, compliance sampling was expanded at the Red Hill Shaft.
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P-Well and S-Well Sampling
In 2022 the Navy began installing a series of wells called plume delineation monitoring wells (P-Well) and sentinel wells (S-Well). The purpose of the P-Wells is to monitor the water in the aquifer directly around Red Hill; the purpose of the S-Wells is to provide early warning of any contamination that may spread to nearby Navy and Board of Water Supply’s drinking water wells. As P-Wells and S-Wells are completed, data from sampling at these wells will be shared publicly.
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Sample Bailer
Environmental engineers collect a sample via bailer from a Red Hill groundwater monitoring well.

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