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Welcome to the Air Monitoring data page. Here you can view the Navy’s proactive approach to ensuring residents of the area have transparent access to air quality data.

MapAir Monitoring Stations
The Navy Air Monitoring Program is a proactive program implemented in order to analyze current atmospheric conditions for the purpose of establishing baseline conditions and identifying potential changes in air quality.

Monitoring Well
Air Monitoring Station on JBPHH.

These air monitoring systems are capable of detecting contaminants sourced from vehicle emissions, gas stations, airplane exhaust, composite wood, fires, fuel etc.

The Navy has implemented this practice out of good faith and is exceeding State and Federal guidelines by implementing this program on behalf of public safety and health. This program is being utilized to track current atmospheric conditions and, in the unlikely event of a spill or mishap, serve as an early warning indicator of a possible leak or contaminant in the area.

LinkAir Quality Monitoring Terms and Definitions
PDFFact Sheet

Air Monitoring Data
The data presented is for screening purposes only. This air monitoring is an initiative by the Navy and was not mandated by regulators. The intent is to establish a baseline of current air quality conditions to help inform the Navy of potential future changes in air quality.

It should be noted that there are currently no volatile organic compound levels established or enforced by regulators for outdoor air quality.

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